Fix a Misspelled Name: How to Change Name on Southwest Airlines Ticket

Southwest doesn’t change names on tickets, except in the case of marriage/last name change.

Steps to change the name of the passenger for a Southwest reservation

Easily Manage Booking of your Flight Ticket with Southwest Airlines:

  • · Go to the Southwest Airlines website. Then login into the account.
  • · Enter confirmation number, first and last name in the text field.
  • · Choose the “Flight” tab. Then tap on the “Manage Reservations” section.
  • · After then, a list of your booked reservations will show on the page.
  • · Here you can make any changes to your booked flight tickets, as per your travel requirements. The changes such as Cancel Flight, Date change on ticket, Edit Name, Contact Details, Add or Remove, and Add the passenger’s name
  • · If you want to change a flight, so then you have to tap on “Change Flight” and then tap on either the “Change reservation” or “Cancel reservation” button.
  • · Also, you can make other changes such as Add extra baggage allowance, Book Meals, Add Extra service, Upgrade seats to business class, or Seat changes, and many more.
  • In this manner, with southwest airlines manage the booking section, you can effortlessly change or manage your booked flight ticket itself within a few seconds.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Any Issues

  • Try to remember to add your middle name to your reservation to match your government-issued photo ID.
  • If you forget, access your reservation on the airline’s website and update the passenger information for that ticket.
  • If you’re flying on more than one airline, access your reservation on each airline’s website and update your passenger information.
  • You can also set up a frequent flyer account with the airline and add your correct secure passenger information to your profile. When you book a ticket with
  • that airline in the future and add that frequent flyer number, the passenger information will be added automatically to your reservation.
  • If you currently have a frequent flyer account, make sure the information saved in your profile is correct.

Southwest Airlines Name Correction FAQs



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